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  1. Our journey started in 2010 but will remain with me forever. Throughout our relationship, one thing has stayed the same; we were the family we chose for each other, you were my sister and I am yours. Our last year and a half together made it all the more real, we didn’t just share a house but we made it our home. Our blended and albeit unusual family made all of our struggles this last year seem less because we had each other. I am in awe of the grace and beauty you possess, in the outlook you had for those you love and those you didn’t even know. Being a part of your life was a privilege. Calling you my sister, was a privilege. Living with you and growing with you was a privilege. I am forever grateful for the amazing years we were able to have and the memories that came from them. Anyone who has met you can all agree, we have learned how to love differently, more compassionately, more deeply and without judgement, because of you. I love you with all my heart.

    May you always do for others
    And let others do for you
    May you build a ladder to the stars
    And climb on every rung
    May you stay forever young.

  2. Sarah and I first met on Twitter when she intervened in an argument I was unfortunately having with a TERF. We then got chatting and we became firm friends.

    I know how poorly she was and I always endeavoured to ask how she was doing or tweet her something to try put a smile on her face.

    I miss her immensely. She was a wonderful friend. I hope she can rest easy.

  3. @mis_tified_uk

    Sarah was a friend via Twitter who became a friend in real life. She was a beautiful soul who gave so much to many, her support of the LGBTQ+ community was inspirational and I’m thankful for all the times that we interacted.

    I’ve seen so many beautiful people from Twitter in her pictures and I can see that she gave and received love and friendship in the most amazing way.

    Ken, my heart breaks for you in losing your soulmate. Know that you are in my thoughts x

    Sleep well my dear, sweet friend Sarah. Knowing you had made me a better person

  4. Sarah,

    Thank you for helping this kid that was so hellbent on ending his own life see the beauty in things. Thank you for helping me find confidence when no one else would. You aren’t gone, you’re immortal. You’re still here, watching over everyone you loved so dearly. I’m so very proud to call you family, even though we never met in person. I’m so grateful every day that I could at least say hello in passing because that’s all it took to brighten my day. This isn’t a goodbye, kiddo. This is just a see you later.

  5. Sarah White, my beautiful friend. You fought long, and you fought hard. There is noone quite like you. Your energy, your sass, your kindness, I will miss all of you. I’m so sad to see you go, I know Kat welcomed you with open arms. Until we meet again. Rest peacefully and know you are so very loved. I will cherish our friendship forever. ❤

  6. I had the great fortune to get to know Sarah through a mutual friend. Any chance I got to talk to this wonderful lady was a blessing. She was very kind and warm. I had my son tell her good morning in a short video clip. She absolutely loved that! I will definitely miss the opportunity to have chats with her. Prayers and best thoughts to her family.

  7. I met Sarah through twitter we made our way across to Facebook messenger. We shared a love of my fur babies adventures and life in general through pics we shared she made me laugh on a regular basis. I miss our chats dearly. ❤️ U sweetie was her signing off miss u hun

  8. Sarah immediately made me feel like a sister when we began talking in 2017. I needed courage and she was the pure image of courage in the face of such great adversity. Recently I had a heart procedure done and she was quick with the comforting words that gave me strength yet again. Her light was like the sun, compared to a candle flame. I will miss her dearly.

  9. I came to meet Sarah online. I was absolutely blown away by her makeup transformations that she did and especially the ones in bright colors. She was talented and revealed she had worked for Sephora. She had also earlier modeled for black and white photographs. And these were meant to be more sexual or you could say more suggestive.

    As a person Sarah had a great sense of humor. She widely accepted people as her friends and she meant it. She could relate to so much and always offered to help people if they needed to talk. She was there.

    I am so sorry she went through cervical cancer twice. She tried to take care of herself by staying hydrated. She wanted all of us to do that too. She really cared. It is hard to lose someone so special.

  10. When I met Sarah on Twitter, I knew she was special immediately. She was sweet, honest, and so very loving to everyone around her.

    She became my best friend during this pandemic. We talked every. single. day. About everything. And she made me feel loved and appreciated.

    I wasn’t ready for her to pass. I hopped that I would be able to meet her in person (I live in the States, she lives in Ontario). I wanted to hug her so badly. We talked about building pillow forts together to hang out in and listen to music. And now? I will never get to hug her. I will never get to see her beautiful face.

    The last thing she expressed to me by text was that she loved me, and to “hug” me. The last thing I told her was that I loved her too.

    I will never, not ever, forget that she loved me. I will at least have that, and I will carry it forever.

  11. As a photographer I had the pleasure of collaborating with Sarah on dozens of projects over the years. In her capacity as model and/or makeup artist she brought her stunning beauty, creativity, professionalism, boundless enthusiasm and humour to each and every shoot. She never failed to inspire me.

    During down times, and on drives to and from shoots, we had many in depth conversations on wide variety of topics, particularly music and I came to have a great respect for her opinions. In the future, listening to artists she turned me on to will be cause for reflection.

    I will always treasure the beautiful photographs we created.

    She will be missed.

  12. My memories of Sarah have always been filled with a bigggg smile and the best hug ( she gave the BEST hugs).. I met Sarah working and have been so grateful to have had her as a great friend and mentor. I loved seeing Sarah doing what she loved, makeup and making people smile. Never once did I see her down or having a bad day.. Never once did she complain or speak badly about anything. She really was the most positive person I have ever had the pleasure of calling my friend. Her memory will always be with me and making me try and be a better person every day and always to be kind. Love you always Snow White ..
    “Goodbyes are not forever…Goodbyes are not the end…They simply mean I’ll miss you until we meet again” 💜

  13. I remember Sarah’s smile and cute adorable cheekieness! I knew her briefly in the 80’s. She always had a smile for me, showing me a new picture that she had drawn… Her addicting smile was always there, up front! She was full of giggles, and always asking questions….. She caught my wedding bouquet!… Peace now, dear Sarah….. you made many people smile….big love to you!!

  14. I remember when my daughter Laura worked in the Cafe at Sears. She introduced me to Sarah one day after her shift. From that day until my daughter stopped working there, I would always go see if Sarah was working to say Hi before I would go to take Laura home. Sarah was a very friendly, loving, giving, and beautiful Lady. She was always there for my daughter when she needed to talk. She will be missed. <3

  15. I met Sarah back when she worked at Sephora just before she had met Ken. Sarah was always a bubbly person, and she had such an infectious smile. I enjoyed Sarah playing make up with me and teaching me new looks and how to play with the products. I have a special paper she made me when we were doing all the make up stuff together, that I framed and I will forever cherish. I miss hanging with Sarah and just having fun together. I was always there whenever I could be. I will not say goodbye but see you later. You are deeply loved and missed. Xo

  16. I met the beautiful Sarah when I was 12 years old she use too babysitt my sister and brother, Sarah got alex and I using black nail polish and we listened to green day nine inch nails . She was a rock star and then I ran into Beautiful Sarah in sephora she was snow white we hugged and talked. Sarah will be sadly missed but never forgotten Sarah is a beautiful angel in the sky rip beautiful Sarah xoxo

  17. Beautiful, sweet, Sarah. If there is one person in our family that stood out for all the right reasons, it was definitely Sarah. Not only was she so beautiful both inside and out, but she was an amazing and caring woman. Never complaining about herself even on her very bad days, but she was always supportive to others. She could always make you smile and laugh and was the best hugger I’ve ever known. When Sarah walked into a room, her smile would light up the entire room. Her sense of humour was, well, hilarious. She will be missed by all. The sky has gained another shining star. So when the sky shines a little brighter…we will know that it’s Sarah, watching over us. Forever in my thoughts. R.I.P. Sweet Sarah.

  18. I met Sarah on Twitter when I was looking for makeup. I saw a beautiful woman with her wonderful makeup and perfect wigs. So, I started to follow her. I am very shy and I thought she would be someone I will never be in contact with. One day, I commented on your photo and she was so adorable with me. So we started writing messages to each other and suddenly we were talking about everything. Makeup, music, tattoo, love, life.
    Sarah once posted some pictures of her father, Mr. Vern. She said he was the one who taught her the pleasure of music when she was a child. And in their adult life, they still liked music and talked about everything. She loved her father and loved to hug him. So, I talked about my dad and how I love him. But I could never give my father a hug. (Sarah was the second person in my entire life that I said the reason). Sarah and I talked about self-forgiveness. She told me that everyone needs to have their own time to forgive the past. With Sarah’s words in my heart, I went to my father’s birthday. When I had the opportunity, I gave my father the first big hug. I was waiting 37 years for this. A special moment of freedom and happiness for me. Sarah’s love for Mr. Vern was contagious and that love touched me and changed my life. When I got home, I told Sarah that I hugged my dad and then we celebrated a lot. Once again, we can be happy to be friends, to be sisters. Sarah sowed love and reaped love. I miss waking up and hearing her said “Good Morning Friendos”. I miss hearing, she saying to me, “your makeup is very classic, you are beautiful”. I miss us saying to each other: I love you, sweetie, I love you, sweetheart, I love you, sister. I miss her so much. I will miss her eternally. I love you Sweetheart.

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